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We cordially recommend to you the town of Byala.

Do you seek privacy, tranquility or simply a retreat in nature?

If you are the type of person that enjoys relaxing away from noise and hustle, seeks privacy and deliberately avoids the typical seaside resorts, you will definitely appreciate the peaceful retreat in the Bulgarian resort of Byala.

Byala is a charming little town in Bulgaria on the Black Sea coast. It is located along the beach and is ecologically-clean. A nearby nature reserve, the “White Rocks”, is an attraction as well.

Byala is a marvelous, unique and not-that-famous-yet seaside resort on the Black Sea coast.

What is notorious about Byala?

This town has incredibly beautiful landscape, flowing from the local mountains and thick forests towards the blue sea.
The main advantage of Byala is the pristine nature, untouched by the mass tourism industry in the last decade unlike the nature in other resorts in Bulgaria, which has been entirely modified.

Byala will always remain a family resort, where one can relax and recover from the stress of everyday work.
Byala is perfect not only for families with children, but for romantic retreats of couples as well as people who would simply like to relax and savor the beautiful waterfront.

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